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Plan Printing Services

At Copy Graphics we cater for all architects, engineers, builders and planning applications. Our extensive large and small format printing covers everything from planning applications, tenders and reports to A1 and A0 drawings. We aim to provide the fastest turnaround possible with the most competitive rates.


Our CAD printing from pdf or jpeg files is of the highest quality and we can print from A4 to A0 size in both colour and black and white.


We also can copy drawings in all sizes in both colour and black and white.


Our scanning service also allows us to scan all of your drawings to file, in both colour and black and white, in your preferred size or scale with the option of saving them to a flash drive or emailing the scans directly to you.


To protect your drawings and planning applications we also provide a laminating service which will make your print more durable and water resistant. Lamination is perfect for builders who wish to have their drawings on site.

We also provide a mounting service for all size drawings. Mounting drawings to 5mm foam board will further increase the durability of the drawings. Foam board Mounting is ideal for presentations.

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